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About AsiaTips

Asia Tips was started to show you how to beat the bookie. If you want to have positive returns, if you want to have profits, if you want to beat the bookie you must have certain skills, knowledge about how things work. For example: You must have control, experience, money management, you must know how odds are manipulated and these are only a few of the things you must know.

The bookmaker lays traps and uses odds to confuse you. The only way to generate profits is for you to beat the bookmakers at their own game. Follow our tips and our strategy. Let's beat the bookie together!

Past Results: January 2021

Day Home AH Away Pick Result Verdict
16 Leeds 0:1/4 Brighton Brighton 0-1 win
14 Willem II 1/4:0 Groningen Groningen 2-3 win
12 Wolverhampton 0:1/4 Everton Everton 1-2 win
10 Cadiz 0:0 Alaves Alaves 3-1 Lose
08 Monchengladbach 1:0 Bayern Munich Monchengladbach 3-2 win
06 Napoli 0:2 Spezia Napoli 1-2 win
03 Real Sociedad 0:1 Osasuna Real Sociedad 1-1 Lose
02 Frankfurt 1/4:0 Leverkusen Frankfurt 2-1 win